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The Flagship Plan


Pier 2 Design is both a one-stop development house offering the full range of web design and development and a one-step development house, if you need to outsource part of your project. Our wide range of experience allows us to approach your web or branding needs from a big-picture perspective. Initial consultation is free.


We can assist you in branding at both the strategic level and the practical level. We deliver print packages: letterhead, business cards, envelopes, fax templates, PowerPoint templates, any printed item or digital media with your brand thoughtfully incorporated.

Graphic Design

We can provide custom graphic design for banners, brochures, vector illustration, composite, digital painting, photo touch up, radical photo modification, custom graphics and templates for presentations.

Search Engine Marketing

Driving traffic to your web site requires a wholistic approach, from the first line of code to the choice of content. We utilize a variety of snake oil-free methodologies to boost the popularity of your web site.

Content Managment Systems

Nearly every P2D project involves a CMS, chosen depending on the needs of the project. This enables streamlined management of the web site as well as enabling the client to easily make edits themselves.

Useabililty Testing

We know a lot about usable web sites, but when you are producing creative product the ultimate proof is in testing. We have the methods and experience to produce authentic and meaningful test results.

Web Design

More and more people make judgments on you the moment they see your web site. Before they read one word visitors are making judgments on who you are, your authenticity, and whether they are drawn or repelled from your message. We employ expert web design and masterful typography to put you and your message in the very best light, and to outshine the competition!

Web Development

The invisible workhorse behind every web site is the code. We can provide nearly limitless functionality possibilities through a can-do approach combined with developers who are passionate about what they do. This enables us to offer tailored functionality on all our custom projects.

Web Applications

For complex web sites with advanced functionality, we have what it takes. Our superior user interface design, agile programming, combined with experience and results-oriented approach make us the ideal choice for your web application needs.

Web Maintenance

Business and life is always changing, so your web site should change with it. Through limited or expanded retainers or maintenance contracts we can keep on top of the would-be hassle of keeping your site fresh and current. In addition, maintenance is built right into our Flagship Plan.

E-Commerce Solutions

Need to take money online? No problem. Whether you need single sale functionality or a comprehensive shopping cart, we have the experience and the resources to evaluate your needs, build an appropriate plan, and implement it.

Web Hosting

We have competitive web hosting for your web hosting needs. Some of our packages come with maintenance or phone support for your web site.