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Logo & Branding

Affordable Logo Design

Anchoring your identity with impact and appeal

Your logo is the foundation of your visual identity from which all visual aspects of your brand are built. Therefore it is imperative that your logo be of the best quality: that it is eye-catching, that it communicates your purpose, and that it is memorable.

There are additional practical considerations: How will you use the logo? What formats do you need? Who will use the logo? We take these questions into consideration with our complete logo package. The package equips you with multiple sizes, multiple file formats, and color and monochromatic versions. We can also create a style guide to assist in a uniform and professional presentation of the logo in every situation.

So how does it work? When you hire us we’ll interview you, either by phone or by e-mail questionnaire. We then draft 3 samples for your review. Though our experience and insight into our clients desires, one of those first 3 samples is chosen about 90% of the time. We then refine the chosen design with more attention to detail. We offer up to two revisions of the chosen design.

Once the refined design is complete and approved, we’ll send you the package mentioned earlier, and you are immediately able to use the logo yourself, or pass them on to your web or print professionals.

If you need any tweaks, special formats, or sizes later on, we’re ready and able to do that.

So begin the process now, and experience your elevated company image in a matter of days.


Download Logo Portfolio PDF

The Process

We start by getting out a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil and start sketching. Soon some good ideas will appear. We then take it to the computer and sketch it out digitally.

We then present the best options to the client for direction or approval.

After the final logo is approved we deliver a final package containing up to 48 files of your logo in different useful forms and formats. See this PDF for more on final formats.