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The Flagship Plan

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Explain to me again how does this work?

A: The first month cost is $500 for initial set up, design, logo, this is only a fraction of the cost of your website rest of the website cost is being paid off over the 2 year contract which also includes a retainer contract of 2 hours of professional services a month. A retainer contract is a contract guaranteeing you the availability and price of those two hours to your company. The 2 year Flagship Contract also includes hosting in the monthly cost. You can cancel the contract and keep your content, domain name and logo at anytime - but until your 2 year contract is up the website itself is not yours and you will not be able to keep the design as Pier 2 Design will own the design and property rights to the design until the end of the 2 year contract. You can call us and request a buy out option to pay the remainder of your contract if you would like to keep your website as is and terminate the contract at anytime as well.

Q: What sort of services might be available with my 2 hours of Professional Services a month?

A: Our designers are very good at what they do. Some examples of what could be a two hour project is:

  • A Banner Ad (for online advertising)
  • Newspaper Ad Design
  • Phone Book Ad Design
  • 2 Hours of Copywriting services if you need help with writing content for your website
  • 2 Hours of marketing consultation
  • Graphic design & branding for Postcard/flyer (Flyer/Post card not included. We can recommend great print companies for any of your print needs)
  • Letterhead & envelope design package (letterhead not included we can recommend great print companies for any of your print needs)
  • Small edits and changes to your website, such as new graphics for promotional specials
  • Sidewalk Sign custom design


Rollover Hours (4hr jobs that could be accomplished at no extra cost to you using roll over hours from the previous month).

  • A twosided brochure design (with client provided content)
  • A full page ad for print
  • A new flash banner or header
  • Two sided Flyer
  • Design for Fabric or Print banners


Q: What if I have a bigger project that takes more than my 2 (or 4) hours?

A: Additional professional service hours are available at a discounted rate of $75/hr.


Q: What if I wanted a shorter contract agreement?

A: Yes. A one year contract with the same terms would be $380 a month, and would still include 2 hours a month of professional services. At the end of the year you would own all the rights to your website.