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The Flagship Plan

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General Scope

Custom Site with a budget over $3,000

The Flagship Plan

Home Business Mini Kit

Custom Site with a budget over $3,000

If your site needs some serious coding or intense user interface architecture or heavy-duty features then you probably need our heavyweight custom site services. Contact us and we can begin the inital discovery process and arrive at a quote. Our work is quality and our prices are competitive.

Home Business Mini Kit

The Mini Kit is a branded site of up to 5 pages with a contact form. We do not offer features with this plan because the purpose is to keep it simple and cheap. If you are looking for a particular feature to go with this plan, mention it in the form below and we will be happy to discuss it.


Contact Form: (included)

Animated text on my home page: (included)

Integrated Blog/News: (included)

Calendar/schedule widget: (3 hours)

Embedded video: (2 hours)

Embedded audio: (2 hours)

Photo gallery (grid): (1 hour)

Sideshow gallery: (5 hours)

Graphical E-mail Template: (2 hours)

Members-Only Pages: (5 hours)

Professional Copywriting: (2 hours per page)

Online Sales Capability: (3 hours)

Full-Featured Shopping Cart: (16 hours)


This calculator is intended to achieve a median estimate. Acutal estimates are established after a formal or informal review of client requirements. This estimate is non-binding. Pier 2 Design in no way guarantees this estimate.

Send it along:

Now that you have a rough idea and estimate, send it over to us. We'd love to look it over and talk to you about it in more detail.





Total: $5,000 (estimate only)