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The Flagship Plan


Jonathan Devine

Owner, Lead Designer, Project Manager, and all-around big Muckie-Muck

Jonathan Devine is the founder of Pier 2 Design. Originally Pier 2 Design began as the business name for Jonathan's freelance work, but is now becoming the masthead of a collection of web professionals. As a result Jonathan has been focusing more on Project Management, conceptualization, design, and strategic planning. With a background in art, technology, and leadership Jonathan is ideal for the Project Management role. His familiarity with both graphics and code allow him to maintain a high degree of quality control throughout a project, and enables him to find excellent quality freelancers to cooperate with.

Jonathan lives with his wife Elizabeth. He enjoys hands-on crafts such as woodworking, blacksmithing and grilling, electronic hobbies like realistic flight simulation and online Air Traffic Control, and artistic pursuits like playing the guitar, mandolin, or piano.

Josh Jessup


Josh has 15 years of application development experience, with a focus on web-driven applications for the past 2 years. well versed in javascript, php, coldfusion, sql, css and jquery. He can take existing code and re-purpose it for a given project or program. He can effectually use relational database design.


Elizabeth Devine

Accounts Manager

Elizabeth a native of the metro Detroit area, married into the Pier 2 Team when she married Jonathan in 2007. She is the account manager for Pier 2 Design. She has a bachelors degree and a working knowledge of website development, content management systems, small business structure and marketing. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, baking & entertaining.

The P2D Way

A company’s service is defined by results, but driven by their philosophy. At P2D we combine a unique philosophy with a unique business model. These things set us apart from other web development firm.


REPUTATION: Your web site directly reflects on you and your organization. Like it or not, people will draw conclusions about you within seconds of loading your site. For this reason we believe in aesthetically superior web designs combined with a clear message. We seek to meet or lift your company’s image through thoughtful, learned, and experienced design, layout, and content.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: We also believe in craftsmanship. We seek to emulate the dedication of the craftsman of old who built the buildings, furniture, machines etc. that we look at and say. ‘They don’t make them like that anymore.’ We believe that kind of craftsmanship can be brought into the information age and the context of pixels and code.

PURPOSE: We believe that web sites serve a greater purpose than enriching web developers. With careful planning and execution, the web sites we produce accomplish something, be it garnering new clients to performing a service. Our sites are designed to be an active part of your organization, not simply a passive ornament or a fixture to gather dust.

Business Model:

All bricks-and-mortar design and web companies have to fit their staff to the project at hand. At P2D we take the approach of custom-building a team around a project. This enables us to pick and choose professionals who are best suited to the requirements of the project.

We do this by starting with a Project Manager who acts as the catalyst of the project and ensures communication. The PM in turn recruits and schedules quality freelancers. Though our system and process of organization and collaboration we have enjoyed great success in building effective teams of individuals from all over the continent. The advances of the information age make this not only possible, but proven.

The net result of this arrangement is that we can build “dream” teams specifically suited to your project, we don’t have overhead from down-time that gets passed on to clients and, we have a flexible and responsive capacity of resources (translated: your project doesn’t wait in a queue.)